Is Leif more intelligent than you?

We all hated you.

It's you who've acted inappropriately.

The sun is much bigger than the earth.

You knew him, didn't you?


She doesn't have to say a word to make me intrigued.

Sugih snuck up behind Gregor.

Brodie doesn't yet know what I want to do.

What can be keeping him?

I shouldn't have to tell you to keep your room clean.

When will Jock be here?

What good does it do a person to be beautiful?


She was willing to do anything to save her daughters.

I told you it was a waste of time.

Keep the change, please.

If you skip my class, I will kill you.

I'm a fairly well-educated guy.

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What's Derek running from?

Were you telling the truth?

I don't know how Deb did it.


He'll regret it sooner or later.


I hate long speeches.

The bus stop is across the street.

This island is a paradise for children.

I'm in love with Major.

Let's wait until the crowd thins out.

Those simple and direct words finished off the candidate, leaving him speechless.

The light is better over here.

There are a lot of gullible people, so there is a chance that Shane will be elected.

Do slugs die if you put salt on them?


I didn't want her to see me like that.

Jim went out, but Blaine stayed home.

She sneaked up behind him.


Don't lose sight of what you're here for.


We quarrel a lot, but we always manage to patch things up.

Ramesh is too shy to do that.

You must reboot your computer.

Thank you for your purchase.

I'm not strong enough yet to go to school.


keep me posted


I enjoyed watching TV for two hours.

She promised to meet her at the coffee shop.

Barbra looks pretty tired.


Do you believe in extraterrestrials?

She gets up at seven.

Could we have a table outside?

She bit off more than she could chew and was laughed at.

Pete put the pie on the kitchen windowsill to cool.

On the beach you can spend time with your friends.

I'm really too drunk for this now.

I invited my friends to dinner.

Put them on the table.

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We could fix that.

Alison is organized, isn't he?

She decorated her house regardless of cost.


That's interesting, but beside the point.

I'm going to have to cancel my appointment.

We must fuel the machine.


I am not interested.

I can't make him out at all.

Mahesh has great wealth, but he is not happy.

Emily needs my help.

The door hinge's creaking is annoying!

Spike didn't have to leave.

I'm very concerned.

"How did you break in without any lockpicks?" "The bathroom window was open."

A visit to the city centre, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a must.

I am tied to my mother's apron strings.

Jacobson couldn't stand it anymore.

I got married too young.

Lay the book on the table.


You should seriously consider majoring in music.

This is the guitar that Kari gave me.

Rest in peace.

You should have been more careful of your health.

Dan tied Linda's hands.

Who destroyed the garden?

What will Panacea and Tandy do?

Blaine never forgets to give his wife flowers on their wedding anniversary.

She is like my own child.

She said that she had given up her life for him.

Edwin walked off with Judy's umbrella.


I had lost a camera the previous day.


But for the rain, we would have had a pleasant journey.

I translated what Roxane wrote.

Stefan asked Dwayne some questions and she answered them all.

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I've never ran before.

Seymour got hit by a truck.

Troops inside the walls were well protected.


That's part of our job.

It is hard, perhaps even impossible, to define normal sensory perception.

Have you ever tried telling a joke in French?

I do not know the exact place that I was born.

Micah didn't think it was likely that Stephanie was still at home.

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Why doesn't he call me anymore?

Everyone looks uncomfortable.

I am saving money in order to buy a new personal computer.

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Thank you!

I met her at church.

We won't get caught.

That boy won't tell me his name.

I'm not old fashioned.


She is proof against flattery.

He was the strongest candidate for the position.

Have you got a headache?

It may be that the happiness awaiting us is not at all the sort of happiness we would want.

I believe he is an intelligent person.


Just give her a call.


I must offer you an apology for coming late.


I generally agree with Magnus.

I used to play the piano a lot when I was younger.

That's what I'm investigating.


I can run faster than Jef.

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My son tried to become a teller of funny stories.

I'm not as lucky as you.

I can't tell you everything you want to know.

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It's a piece of history!

I sure wish Walt would make up his mind.

I've troubled you!


Every sane man is accountable to his conscience for his behavior.


Put him in.

I worked as hard as possible.

It's raining again. I wonder if we will be able to have the February snow festival?

They will wash dishes.

Brandi's husband abused her.


That's how I feel sometimes.

I like pea pods in my stir fry.

I was fascinated by her beauty.

All right, I will do it again.

Don't try to do two things at the same time.

Ralph can speak French much better than I can.

Harry, you look very sleepy.

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Write me when you arrive.

The Uyghurs' cuisine has all kinds of dishes.

You're right about that. I wonder if they are going to understand you.


No other boy in his class is so tall as he.

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Kelly thinks that Sho is beautiful.


Jelske said that he was so sorry.

It was beautiful to see how they moved with so much coordination.

Are you sure you don't want to go to the doctor?

Are you sure you don't want some of this?

All men want money.

This is last month's magazine.

This squirrel shall be henceforth known as "The Cute One."

His proposal is not worth talking about.

Every "why" has its "because".

I think Les is perfect for Dimitry.

I'd be willing to help.

Let's see what can be done.

The iris deeply associated with the Boys' Festival does not have a beautiful flower.


I wanted to help you, I really did, but then I thought I'd rather take care of my own life.


Damon has been sleeping all day.


The thief does not believe in honest people.

Why didn't you bring your hat today?

His handwriting slants forwards, whereas hers slants backwards.


Have you seen that thick book?

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You're really hard to understand.

Traffic was light.

We're meeting to discuss strategy.